Best Red Lipstick For Dark Skin

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Matte Best Red LipstickBest Red Lipstick – The uses of the red lipstick always remain in fashion and in trendy whatever the place you are and wherever you are. The Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly all is used to wear the red lipsticks.

They usually remain in formal dress with sinful red lips. The woman may look furious or sensual with the use of red lipstick all depends upon the way how she carries the red lipstick.


Best Red Lipstick For Dark Skin

Best Red Lipstick Ideas

The following should be noticed while carrying the makeup with red lipsticks:

  • Decide the tone of your skin cool toned, warm toned or natural toned. Many have warm toned skin with pale complexion. Some have the bronze tone with thin skin. The skin may be pinkish or brownish with light toned eyes and hairs can wear the red shades of lipsticks so while selecting the red shades of lipsticks always consider the color and tone of skin eyes and hairs. The best rule to choose the red lipstick is the paler, golden and light brown tones. For darker tones the pinkish based red colors are chosen.
  • While you figured out the tone of your skin the next thing is to prep for the application of lipstick. The lipstick in red shade is applied by cleansing any flakes on the lips. This is done by proper exfoliation and moisturizing the lips so that the correct shine and shade of the best red lipstick is acquired.
  • The perfect shade which suits to you is selected with checking at the outer side skin of the hand.
  • While using the best red lipstick other makeup should be neutral, avoid red lip liner it is now out dated.
  • Use primer and foundation to lock the red color with its original shine. This is the warmest color to be used and it will also leave its stains after washing so the primer will secure the lips from such effects.

Best Red Lipstick For Dark Skin  Matte Red Lipstick

If the pure red lipstick not works well then different shades may be blended in to it to give the perfection in shade and make it complement to the skin, eye and hair tone.