Beautiful WINGY Lips on Valentine’s Day

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Beautiful WINGY Lips TipsToday I am going to help you get beautiful and very fascinating look, am keeping the eyes on low profile cause I wanted to highlight the lips, yet I did complete the look with each and every aspect, we did add dark purple maroon liner with that, but did not use too bright shades with that look, but if you want to you can add some shimmer and some highlighters, but it will make your face too much, and I don’t like it on Valentine’s Day, but you can do whatever suits you.

Now we will start with perfect base, as you can see I have applied perfect base with mat finish, but did not add too much contouring since I am not planning for a too much perfection with that look, then apply lose powder all over cause the look is pretty much mate itself, now we will take the lightest peach or brown shade and apply right over the crease and blend well, then we will take nice light Champaign shade with light shimmer in it and apply right over the lid and blend under the crease now take black gel liner and apply right over the lash line and let the line extend in wing shape, now take the darkest maroon blue liner and line the lower lash line and joint it at both corners and cover the tear duct too and finish the look with mascara, if you don’t have good long lashes then use fake one with this supper simple look.

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Now we will pay the attention on the lips which is the main thing for the look, first of all we will take the matching lip liner and draw a outline of your lips and let it extend on both sides and we will match on both corners, now we will take blue red lipstick liner and draw super smooth line and pay attention on your cupid bow and now pay attention on the wing too and now fill it with brush and then dust your lips with lose powder and seal the look, and finish the look with light pink or peach cheeks and you are done, now that is the look I created, now you can add whatever you want, you can use some beautiful heard shape stoned near your lips, but no more than 2 and you can add some shine on your face if you like it.

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