Basic Nail Care Tips for Perfect Nails

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Basic Nail Care Tips for Perfect Nails
Basic Nail Care Tips for Perfect Nails

Hands and nails are among the most prominent features of our body that play a leading role in lifting up or getting down your entire personality. Properly looked after hands with neat, tidy and healthy nails always bring pleasure for the beholder and adds to their beauty.

Just like skin care, following a basic nail-care regimen too is very important to keep the nails pretty and attractive. The basic nail care regimen includes a few simple steps. By following the steps and tips regularly you will definitely achieve the desired gorgeous-looking nails.


  • Protecting the nails from damage is the first and most important step in the nail-care regimen.
  • If you want your nails to stay healthy and gorgeous, avoid direct and long-term contact to water. Too much exposure to moisture weakens the nails and they split, break and peel easily.
  • Keeping your nails away from abrasive chemicals is also necessary to maintain their beauty. Use a nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone and cut down at the use of remove because it tends to leave your nails and cuticles dry.
  • If you are aiming at making your nails stronger, avoid using them as tools when opening bottles, containers, cans or letters etc.


Besides working as a fashion accessory to enhance your nails’ and hands’ beauty, nail polish act as protective layer and makes your nails a bit more resistant towards it natural foe, water. So, it can be said that polishing the nails is an important step in proper nail care. Be sure to clean, trim, file and buff your nails before polishing them. This will create an even surface for the nail polish and will help making it last long.


  • Taking proper measures to keep the external elements from wreaking havoc on your nails is one more important step of proper nail care regimen.
  • Always wear gloves before washing dishes, clothes, gardening or getting engaged in any other activity that involves water. Also wear gloves while doing scrubbing etc. or the chemicals the scrubs contain will damage your nails.
  • Consume plenty of water and take healthy and balanced diet to achieve desirable, enticing nails.
  • Massage you nails with your regular hand cream or any essential oil regularly. This will stimulate blood circulation in your fingers and thereby help enhancing the gorgeousness of your hands and nails.