Balayage Is The Hottest Hair Look Of The Moment

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Photo: balayageombre on Instagram 

While balayage hair has been around for quite some time, hair painting officially made a statement in 2016 as a must-have colour fad. As we prepare for the leading hair trends of 2017, balayage leads the curve as a currently trending look. Talking over the red carpets and Instagram, balayage hair is set to gain even more popularity in the season ahead.

Photo: dvcolour on Instagram 

Recognized by its sun-kissed, natural effect, balayage is perfect for lightening your locks without the deliberate, strategic effect of streaky highlights. For low maintenance beauties who want to avoid unnecessary trips to the hair salon, balayage also allows you to grow out your colour, without obviously dark roots.

Photo: cutsbydiana on Instagram 

With the French word “balayage” referring to a painting technique, this subtle hair colour trend certainly lives up to its name. In fact, the look of gentle highlights and barely there lightened strands can impart softness, and create a youthful and incredibly modern look.

Photo: hobbschelsey_hairstylist on Instagram 

From platinum blonde locks to luscious reds, balayage has been making a splash on social media among all hair types. If you have a longer, thicker mane and want to stay away from splurging on constant colour touch-ups, then balayage just may be your hair solution.