Applying False Lashes Basic Tips Everyone Should Know

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Applying False Lashes Basic Tips Everyone Should KnowHaving desirable long lashes is one of the infinite desires of women but unluckily everyone isn’t endowed with gorgeous long, dramatic lashes. Short lashes can be an issue of concern if you’re set to attend an event that calls for a bolder look such as an engagement or wedding ceremony. To ease your tension, different manufacturers offer you fake lashes that give you long lashes and desired effect in no time. Applying false lashes perfectly, however, is a bit tricky especially for the beginners. But don’t worry; you can easily apply the lashes seamlessly if you know a few basic tips. Tips are given here;

Find the Right Shaped Lash

Opting for the right shape of false lashes is the first key to apply them perfectly. A variety of different fake lashes is there that can be employed to get different effects. You can make a choice from lash strips, individual lashes or even more stylish lashes such as paper cutouts or feathers, conditional on the effect and look you’re aiming for. For example, for fuller and more natural looking effect, it’s recommended to go for individual fake lashes.

Prep your Eyes Beforehand

Your eyes must be well-prepared for the application of artificial lashes so that can carry them well to give you the desired seem. For preparing the eyes, curl your existing lashes and apply wear a little mascara. This step will make the application of false lashes easy by separating your original lashes. Apply eyeliner to hide the base of your fake lashes.

Measure and Trim

As everyone has different eye structure and size therefore every size of artificial lashes isn’t appropriate for everyone. So, measuring the lashes and trimming them to suit the individual size and structure of your eyes is a crucial step. If you’re utilizing a lash strip wider than your eye, prune the lashes separately from one end, making sure that they are longer towards the outside corner of the eye.

Get Gluing

You can use a lash-glue or lash-adhesive to apply the lashes. There is a difference of opinion on where to apply the glue; some suggest that it should be applied directly over the fake lashes while some others recommend applying it directly to your lash-line. Either way, make sure not to apply too much product and also be very careful while removing the makeup so that no traces of glue are left on your eyes.


After applying the lashes, curl both- false and original- lashes altogether to get a perfect finish. Then put on eyeliner over the synthetic lash-line to blend and disguise the base. Don’t apply mascara to fake lashes tough since it may ruin the look of your lashes by messing with their fibers and overall appearance.