Acne Scar Prevention Tips Avoiding Scarring & Dermatologist Skin Care Advice

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Acne Scar Prevention Tips Avoiding Scarring  Dermatologist Skin Care AdviceAcne is very common skin condition many people, especially those with oily skin, suffer all around the globe. At times, the poorly treated acne may leave scars over your skin that makes you look unsightly and unappealing. Having to tackle these ugly scars is worse than tackling the wrinkles, many sufferers claim. However, development of acne scars can be easily prevented by treating acne properly.

Skincare Tips to Cure Acne Prevent Scars

Though severe cases of acne should be handled and treated by a professional doctor or dermatologist, a few things can be done at home to reduce the breakouts. Eliminating breakouts is a best way to prevent acne scars.

Rinse your face or other effected area with a prescribed cleanser at least twice a day. the cleanser you use for this purpose should be hypoallergenic and noncomodegenic. Always use tepid water to wash your skin and pat dry it gently after washing.

Treat your skin with a quality over the counter product that is devised especially to eradicate acne breakouts. The majority of these over-the-counter products have a derivative of Vitamin A, Retin-A. Use the product regularly to achieve the results soon.

Use a quality and well-suited moisturizer on regular basis to keep your skin well-hydrated and moisturized. Many people believe that moisturizer will aggravate their condition by increasing oil in the skin, but it’s not so. A quality moisturizer will hydrate your skin without developing extra oil.
As sun is one of the main culprits in aggravating the acne condition, so, wearing a sunscreen while heading outdoors may also help in healing your skin.

Dermatologist Alternates for Acne Treatment Scar Reduction
If you continue to suffer severe acne despite of taking all precautionary measures, then consult a dermatologist immediately. Dermatologists are well-trained to address different skin conditions and they prescribe you medicines after thoroughly evaluating your skin condition.

In the view of the underlying causes and existing acne condition, a dermatologist may recommend you a prescribed strength acne treatment. With a consistent use, the breakouts will be reduced and in its turn scarring will also be reduced. These prescribed medications will eradicate the scarring to a remarkable extant if it is significant.

Your dermatologist may also recommend you bleaching creams to reduce the scars. Or in more severe cases, laser treatment that will make the scars less visible.